Makeup Tips for this Monsoon

It is important to keep in mind that you should vary the makeup that you wear according to season. Although it may not seem necessary for you to do so, it will actually prove to benefit you in many ways. During certain seasons, the weather can be quite a problem. This applies to the monsoon season, when there tends to be a lot of rain. One of the main problems associated with this season is the fact that the rain can wash away your makeup. Here are some of the makeup tips that will help keep your skin looking beautiful during the monsoon season

1. Avoid wearing lip gloss during the monsoon season.
he main reason is because the rain will cause it to wash off. Instead, be sure to opt for a long lasting lipstick. You can really wear whatever shade of long lasting lipstick you prefer, but remember that it is always best to go natural during any time of the year. Since most people do not tend to overdress during monsoon season, you will probably want to choose shades of pinks, browns or peaches. Reds and bolder colors can easily be worn at night, however.

2. Consider choosing waterproof versions of eyeliner or mascara.
Although they may seem like annoyances because they tend to be more difficult to remove, you will not experience any streaking throughout the day when you choose to wear them. There are some people who would just rather give up wearing eyeliner or mascara altogether, but the decision is really yours to make. Just realize that you will probably experience streaking if you wear eyeliner and mascara the same way that you normally do.

3. Grow your eyebrows out before the monsoon season comes.

That way, you will not need to worry about using an eyebrow pencil to achieve the eyebrows that you are interested in. An eyebrow pencil may also wash off your face during monsoon season, which is probably something that you may be too embarrassed by to want to experience. The best thing that you can do is pluck, trim or wax your eyebrows to get the design that you want.

4. Opt for a waterproof foundation.
Otherwise, be sure to use your regular foundation as sparingly as possible. Do not use a concealer at all. You can also use face powder in replace of foundation or concealer. Whatever you make the decision to use, it is important to only apply it to areas of the face that need to be covered, such as acne or blemishes. Even more importantly, you should avoid applying the makeup around the hairline, in case the hair becomes wet and comes in contact with the makeup.

Choose the right shades of makeup, particularly eye shadow and blush.
Although some eyeshadow shades will be good to wear during monsoon season, others will not. The best thing that you can do is choose lighter or neutral shades so that they will blend in with your natural skin color if they should happen to streak at all.

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