look stylish

You don’t have to be slim to look stylish and well dressed; you just need to know what suits your shape, and how to make the most of your curves!

Creating a stylish look is all about balance and proportions. Very few women are lucky enough to have perfectly proportioned bodies. Those lucky ones tend to look great whatever they wear. As for the rest of us, we cheat!

By using different cuts, styles, fabrics, colors, and patterns, you can enhance your best bits, detract attention away from those bits you’d rather hide, and give your body balance, so you look stylish and fashionable whatever size you are.

Styling tips for boyish figure girls-For all you the perfect dress is dat is clinched at the waist and flares out below, creating the illusion of curves. Choose medium sized prints in medium to bright colours.Accessorise with a belt .Ruffles and frills add a hint of feminity.you can carry off elaborate puffed and gathered sleeves. The knee and just above knee lengths are ideal 4 u.Go for flared dress.

Styling tips for voluptuous figure-You girls are very lucky, girls die to get dis figure. You have a little to hide and a lot to show, so you can safely wear any style without going wrong. show your curves in a figure hugging dress dat too v-neck.dont over accessorize yourself only one or two will do for u.High heels are flattering on you. the knee lengths are perfect for you.

Styling tips for petite figure-For you all minimal and non bulky dresses are perfect. Pick a dress dat do not use lot of fabric, you can experiment yourself with tailored and structured dresses. Go for shift, sheaths and trapeze dresses. Showing your legs tends to make you look taller.

Styling tips for apple-bottomed figure-classic, a-line dresses are perfect for you all. stay away from dresses, mid calf and long-lengths look good on you. Accessorize with medium sized belt and pumps. Best is going for a-line dresses and maxi dresses.

Styling tips for big bellied figure-try for deep v-necks and empire lines dat will help you take attention from your belly. do not wear buckles and belts around your wait. A ranched dress may help to camouflage the belly baggage too. Go for medium-rise trousers with flat fonts works well.

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