Lip Shades For Dusky Skin

Hey, Isn’t that color too bold for your complexion? It’s too dark for your skin. Aren’t we all tired of hearing all these comments about our complexion? Everyone says that bold or dark color are not for dusky skin girls but the truth is a bit different, earthy tones are the best friends for dusky complexion, they enhance your beauty but that doesn’t mean that lighter shades are not for you. Gone are the days when dusky skin was not preferred, now it is considered to be more beautiful, sassy and glamorous. You can wear any shade in which you feel comfortable & confident. Dusky girls can try every shade of lipsticks. Here’s a list of few shades which are in vogue and look beautiful on dusky girls:-

Red– Yes, if worn with ease and confident, then red is surely your color too. It is sultry, it is enticing, it is everything you want.
Chocolate– It is dark but is well suited for your skin tone. It gives you the feeling of natural shade, it looks sophisticated. You can opt for this color for any formal meetings and occassions.
Magenta– Don’t get your color wheel wrong, magenta is not pink, it the darker shade of pink. This color is in trend, and is suitable for all types of dusky complexion beauties.
Peach– Peach is the evergreen lip shade for dusky skin, it has been shining and brightening the dusky lips since long and will keep doing the same for longer period of time.
Wine– Wine color is the most loved trend of this season. Dresses or make up, this color is seen on everything. This bold and beautiful shade is looks sexy on dusky skin tone.
Bronze– Bronze looks perfect on dusky skin tone, it seems to be dark but isn’t, you can flaunt at any time of the day.
Fuchia – Yes, you read it correctly, this color is for you too. It may look loud but looks salacious on dusky skin tone. It complements almost every type of dress. It is our personal favorite too.
Copper– This color completely goes with dusky skin tone but we recommend you not to adorn this during day time. It is a perfect color for night out & any other party.
Nude– There are days when you want to flaunt a no makeup look but with a pinch of makeup, at that time nude lip shade comes to your rescue. Nude is also for the girls who wants to keep it simple and stylish. It blends smoothly with your dusky skin tone.
Besides, all these lip shades there’s a trend which is trending a lot these days and that is ” Ombre lips” and it is for every type of complexion, be it fair or dusky.
The question is how to apply Ombre lip shade? The answer is below:- 
Just take two of your favourite lip shades, one light and other dark, put a base color of light shade on lips and then make a thick outline with dark shade, now blend both the shades with lip brush leaving a tiny area of light shade visible in the center.
Just a few tips before we wrap up, apply a lip balm on your lips before applying lipstick, then put concealer and compact powder on lips and then apply lipstick, it will make the lip shade appear properly.
So metroholicas, go and try any lip shade which you were hesitant of trying before. People will stare, they will call you names but ignore, just keep your confidence high & Be Fashionable….!!!


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