Fashion’s latest offering is in the form of a re-invented bohemian look “Nomadic Safari”. The look is easy and rarely goes wrong as the key is mismatch.


Safari-influenced fashion items are a great staple this season, mixing old fashioned tailoring and clean lines (which are flattering to all shapes and sizes) into garments that are cute and fun.


Walk on the wild side and embrace hotter weather with prints which channel the African desert plains and dense tropical forests of the jungle. One of the best ways to get these looks is with the use of animal print – a sometimes touchy fashion topic.


The safari inspired clothes are not exactly what you might wear on a safari.

Today's safari clothes may well be made of chiffon, silk or satin. Stuff you wouldn't wear out in the wild, but within the confines of civilization, outfits made of these materials are sensuous, glamorous and worth all the trouble. It's all about the shirt or jackets with large pockets as well as array of prints that will get you really in the mood for spring!


If you want this look for day wears than keep the look chic. The easiest way to safely work the look during the day is to use neutrals as a base with two to three statement accessories. And if want to go out in evening than avoid adding too many accessories and try wearing one simply spectacular piece like a bright floral dress with subtler accompaniments.


Safari style isn't limited to the cut of the clothes. Color plays an important part. Earth tones characterize the safari look. Khaki is a hot favorite. Pair that with yellow, white and earth tones and even a tube top and skorts combination or a shirt and pants combi screams SAFARI!



There is a whole lot of range available in the market of safari look now days. So go on and stay updated with fashion!!!!

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