It’s Raining!!!! It’s Raining!!!! Yes monsoon has just knocked the door, and fear of getting drenched and how can we stay stylish this season too…



The thought of walking out that door with pressed clothes and neat hair is nearly frightful in the wet season. One downpour and your hair is all limp, your clothes are all drenched and your teeth are all clenched. But don’t go cursing the dark clouds.


Earlier, people used to dress shabbily during this season. However, with the changing times, fashion lovers have all the opportunity to make themselves look better even in this murky atmosphere.



I personally love this season and I know everyone else too because this season brings back the romance, fun in everyone’s life, but some people are afraid of this season as they don’t know how to look fashionable this season too and I am not afraid because I know how to keep it stylish in monsoon, and I am here to help all of you to enjoy this season and stay stylish.


You just have to follow five simple tips to look gorgeous, trendy and stylish in this monsoon:-



The first and the most important accessory of this season is umbrella’s and raincoats, there is a whole lot range of cute and trendy stuff available in markets now a days, you should always carry them with you in your bag as rain comes anytime without ringing your phone.


The second important thing is avoid denims, harem pants and all those big and baggy clothes for this season as denims takes a lot of time to get dry and baggy stuff drenches all the rain and gives a wet feeling and also sometimes becomes a peek-a-boo.

Instead, go for hot pants, capris, and skirts and that too knee length skirt or above it.

And if you are a bhartiya naari and don’t wear these stuff only wear suits, then don’t wear salwars and patialas although you love them as they are also baggy and gives a yuck yuck feeling to you as well as to others, instead wear short length kurtis and churidars.


For an evening or a party wear during the monsoons, go for Lycra chic shirts and pants or even Lycra business suits that are easy to wash too. Avoid wearing layered dresses in the rainy seasons as they only add to the muddle.

Colors for this season can be darker but juicy colors are the best like orange, yellow and aqua.


The third thing to keep in mind is don’t wear too much accessories in this season whether you are going in an accessory competition, just wear a cute pair of earrings and a transparent bangle or hand cuff.


Big bags are required to carry your umbrella or raincoat. After all, you would not want to be stranded in the rains without one. Keep your nice suede or velvet bags for other occasions. Stick to plastic during the rains as they require zilch maintenance.

The fourth thing is footwear just lock all your high heels and leather footwear in your wardrobe, as they are a complete no-no this season, instead opt for rubber chappals and flip flops, which are available in market in bulk in classy colors and designs. Ankle length gumboots are also advisable which can go fantastically with western attires.

The fifth and one of the most important things is hair and make-up first step to keep in mind while doing make-up this season is that everything should be waterproof. Eyeliner, kaajal, mascara, lip color etc. everything should be waterproof. Avoid applying any make-up like foundation or rouge. For your hair, it is best to keep a hustle free hairstyle for the rainy seasons so that your hair does not mess in the rains. If you like your hair open then first apply gel on it and always keep a rubber band in your bag too. Use of conditioners should be limited for the monsoon days, as conditioners tend to limp your hair.

Clean your skin regularly with a good cleanser followed by a toning and moisturizing process suitable to your skin type. Wash your face repeatedly to avoid accumulation of dirt, germs or oil on your face


So all you metroholicas just follow all these above mentioned simple rules and start shopping for this season, enjoy the weather and Be Fashionable…!!!!metromonsoon

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