Is he really serious about you

So you’ve been seeing this guy for a while but he isn’t making any noises that he’s ready to commit.

You thought he was pretty into you but now you’re thinking you’re reading the signals wrong. Does he even like me that much? Is he seeing other people? You’re questioning everything.

Here are some tips to work out whether you’re being played and how to straighten things out.

Is he really serious about you

How Long Have You Been Seeing Him?

If you’ve been seeing him for a few weeks then generally you’ll probably have nothing to worry about, there’s no point rushing him into anything too soon.

However, if you’ve been seeing each other for months and he’s still not taking it any further then you could be in trouble.

Does He Have a Reputation?

What have other people said about him? Are there rumours flying around that he’s had too many women to keep count of?

If he’s got a bad reputation for being a player then there’s a good chance that he’s playing you if he hasn’t made any commitment to your relationship.

How Does He React?

Take note of his reactions when you mention the word relationship. If he glosses over it and moves onto another subject then it’s clear he isn’t looking for a relationship.

If he’s constantly avoiding the subject and unwilling to talk about it then there’s every chance he’s keeping you around for an ego boost.

If You’ve Had Enough?

It will get to a point where you just want to know where you stand, which is completely understandable.

Asking him straight up is the best way to go about it. If he’s any shred of decency, he’ll be honest with you.

If he’s still lying (and you’ll know deep down if he is) then it’s time to kick him to the curb – you deserve better than that.


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