Is he bad in bed?

A lot of men think women are just naturally frigid, but The truth is, the average woman is probably less frigid than the average man… we just have better self-control when it comes to holding out for something good. And, unfortunately, it can be really, really difficult to find something good.

I’ve put together a list of 5 tips for deciding whether or not it’s worth going the whole nine yards to find out. If he fits into one of these categories, it probably isn’t.

He’s a terrible kisser.

This is perhaps obvious, but if a man doesn’t know how to French kiss, it’s unlikely he’s going to know how to handle more important tasks. Slobbering, teeth scraping, plunging his tongue down your throat; these are all signs he’s going to be really crap in bed.

He’s a terrible slow dancer.

It’s often said in jest, but if a guy can’t even slow dance to a familiar rhythm, that means he hasn’t got any. I don’t really need to explain why that’s bad, right?

He drinks a lot or takes drugs.

This one is twofold; the most obvious reason would be the side-effects alcohol and drugs can have on a man’s anatomy. Yeah, he can last 5 hours when he’s drunk. It ain’t cos either of you want him to, though.

He scarf his food, drink, etc.

This might sound strange, but a man who inhales food or drink is basically only concerned with satisfying the call of hunger or thirst. He wants instant satisfaction and doesn’t bother savoring the meal. You can apply this to his other basic needs, as well. This guy is crap in bed, and you’ll be able to verify that for yourself in about 2 minutes.

He’s a bad listener.

If he never remembers anything you tell him, if he always seems distracted when you’re having a conversation, if he sucks at maintaining eye contact while you’re talking – he doesn’t value what you’re saying. Which means he’s not overly concerned with your needs? The rest should be simple math.

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