How to wow your boss and make him your fan.

How to wow your boss and make him your fan.

Impressing you boss can be the key element of getting success in your career  and if able to turn your boss as your fan, nothing can stop you. Followings  are five points which can help you to crack the code

 Invest In Your Own Development

If you feel you don’t have the skills to get ahead in your job, or you need some  vocational skills to become to rise like a shining star, then investing your  own time and energy in your own career is very important.

 Be Passionate

“Bosses love working with passionate team members. employees who are  interested in what’s happening, that want to be involved in the company,  have an entrepreneurial strength of mind, feel that they can give their point  of view and make their comments in a positive way are always going to do well.


Be Paramount

Be that person who is always available, always willing to help, always excited about the job you are getting.

Go beyond expectation

Offer ideas that maybe are not directly part of your job can be a great way to show you’re engaged in the business but only if you’re really sure of what you’re saying; if you believe passionately in what you’re trying to communicate, don’t be nervous, just go beyond expectation

Go beyond your KRA

“There’s no point using words like, ‘that’s not my job’ or, ‘I can’t do that’. Actually, doing anything and everything that anyone asked you to do, can be a great way to show that you’re a team player. You’re someone that can be relied upon, you’re someone that can be given more responsibility, and you’re part of the team.”


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