How to Rip your Jeans

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Sandpaper or file
Safety pin
Bleach (optional)
  1. Determine where you want the jeans to be ripped. Take caution that your holes are in appropriate places or you might show more than you wanted.


  1. Rub a piece of sandpaper over the jeans in the area you want the hole. Pick sandpaper that's extra rough so you get the full effect.


  1. Create a slit in the area where you want the hole. Do this by rubbing the blade of a knife over the area. Continue slitting that area until you begin to see the edges fray.


  1. Continue rubbing the jeans with sandpaper and slitting new holes until you're satisfied with the look. Typically, each pair of jeans should have three to seven holes.


  1. Wash your jeans on a regular cycle. Add a little bit of bleach to give your jeans an aged look. Throw your jeans in the dryer to complete the process. When you allow your jeans to tumble dry instead of line dry, you maximize the look of the fray.


  1. Shape the rip using a safety pin. If you are looking to create a hole instead of a small slit, you will need some extra help. Use the safety pin to pull loose threads. Start with the first thread. Insert the pin point in between the threads and slowly pull the single thread loose, then rip the thread from the jeans. Continue removing one thread at a time until you have the desired opening.


  1. Wear the jeans. Show off your newest creation by wearing the jeans. Remember that the more you wear them, the more the rip will become worn. Soon it will look as though you’ve been wearing your favorite jeans for years.

    Wear your ripped jeans with pride. It may take practice to wear your jeans down to the perfect rips and tears. Start with small rips and tears and you will be able to wear ripped jeans that look like they come from a designer retailer.

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