How to protect your baby from painful skin rashes

No one can see a baby crying because of the harsh and painful skin rashes? Change nappy regularly, avoid lovely smelling wipes and also give your child some nappy free time.


Femalefirst shares tips to protect baby’s skin from painful rashes.


1. Regular changes: Changing nappies before and after feeding help prevent painful nappy rash.


2. Go nappy free: Give your tiny tot plenty of ‘nappy-free’ time. Let the skin breathe.


3. Use baby products: Use products that are chemicals free and meant for babies. Avoid lovely smelling soaps and wipes. These may smell nice, but the chemicals can cause skin rashes.


4. Keep it clean: Make sure your baby wears a clean nappy. To avoid skin rashes, change the nappy at least thrice a day.


5. Use triple action prBaby skin rashesotection creams: Use creams which contain Triple Action Protection formula that not only nourishes the skin but also makes it soft and guards against infection.


6. Be gentle: After bath, dry the skin using a soft towel or cotton and make sure not to rub too hard as it creates rashes on the skin.


7. Avoid talcum powder: Don’t use talcum powder when you change your baby’s nappy as it blocks skin pores and causes skin irritation.

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