Obesity is described as a modern-day epidemic and its prevalence has doubled in adults in the last 30 years and tripled in children. The most common causes of obesity are poor diet, lack of physical activity and genetic predisposition. Other factors include the environment, cultural customs, seasonal changes, stress and medication-related weight gain.
Treatment is a combination of fat loss with weight loss, where eating healthier and becoming more active is a good start in the right direction. But genetically pre-determined areas have stubborn or resistant fat, which does not go even after diet and exercise.
The recently introduced and FDA approved techniques, which are safe, painless and result in effective yet instant fat loss, are the non-surgical techniques. These treatments are actually an innovative, scientific and safe method, which can help get rid of excess fat that gets accumulated in specific body parts and effectively removes extra fat around your waist, hips, thighs, upper arms and back.
It is very important to get complete body fat analysis done and treat abdominal fat to reduce health risks under the guidance of qualified obesity experts for safe and permanent results.

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