How to make Rakhi at home

Rakhi is generally a decorated silk thread that may be a simple thread or it may be decorated with beads or designer motifs, religious symbols or even studded with jewels. Here are a few tips on how you can create your own rakhi.


Take two or three colours of silk thread preferably, gold, silver and red. Get gold or silver coins and a matching coloured net cloth, which can be kept under the coin to make a base and add to the look. Cut the cloth into a round shape and stitch the thread through the cloth. In between the stitch, add the coin so that it stays in place.


Take a bunch of multicoloured silk threads. You can also use a strand or two of golden thread. The threads should be around 30 inches long. Fold the length of the thread bunch to half. Tie a tight knot at one fourth of the length using the cotton thread. Cut the loops of the folded thread and fluff the open ends with a hard brush. Decorate the upper part with sequins, beads or religious motifs.


For making the face of the teddy, take a piece of an old T-shirt and fill it with cotton. Fold it in a round shape. Stick black beads for eyes and a red bindi for lips. In order to make the body of the teddy, take a little bigger cloth, fill it with cotton in a round shape. You can put sparkles to make its dress colourful and attractive. Now, glue or sew on the face and the body with a thread. Stick the teddy on a ribbon and your teddy rakhi is ready.