How to loose a guy in 5 easy steps

  1. Tell The Guy That You Love Him Somewhere Between 1st And 3rd Day
    Most guys have a problem dealing with complex emotions too soon. They start feeling rushed and pressured. There are some that will say they love you right back impulsively, but the majority of guys take this as a sign that you are becoming too clingy too fast.
  2. Introduce Him To Your Family On the First Date
    Guys hate to feel like they are being pushed into something. If they are seriously looking for a relationship first, they want to get to know you before they start meeting members of your family. When you do this, it seems like you are trying to force them into something
  3. Calling Him Incessantly After Your First Date
    If you call a person once and leave them a message and then you call again and leave them a message ,Don’t wait for him to call you. Calling incessantly is not only annoying, it makes you look incredibly desperate and slightly crazy. It shows you must have nothing to do if all you are doing is spending your time calling him minute after minute.
  4. Showing Up At His Home Unannounced & Without An Invitation
    Most men hate to feel like you are invading their space. Showing up at a person’s home without calling is not only rude, it is an invasion.
  5. Constantly Criticizing Him
    Do constantly criticize the guy you are dating. Being overly vocal in your criticism makes a guy feel like he isn’t a man. It diminishes him internally. bringing up different issues at every times when you are together is annoying and condescending – even if you are correct.

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