How to Know if You Have a Crush on a Guy?

Love or Crush

Whether you are ten or eighty years old and whether you are in a committed relationship or not, you are never safe from a healthy crush. Having a crush on somebody is just another way of saying that you like somebody a little more than the average Joe. Most people will admit to having crushes on a famous athlete or a gorgeous celebrity, but sometimes we start to have crushes on people who are around us every day. Aside from writing your name and your crush’s name encircled in a big heart over and over again, what are some ways to know that you like a guy or have a crush on him? , How to tell if you like a guy or have a crush on him.

  1. Take notice of how you and your body respond next time you see him. If you feel nervous or feel your heart skip a beat or start to sweat, you possibly like him.
  2. Count how many times you think about him a day. If you think about him more than several times, you probably like him
  3. Notice what you think about when you think of the guy. If thinking of him makes you nervous, excited or happy, you probably have a crush on him.
  4. You look forward to spend more time with him
  5. When you’re getting dressed in the morining before school, collage or work you always think “Will _____ like this?” Or something similar
  6. are you feel jealous when he’s around other girls and/or flirts with them.
  7. Notice whenever you try to go to the same exact place where he is.
  8. Notice whenever you try to make a guy jealous. This may be a sign you like him.
  9. if you think of him while you read this page and you talk to your friends about him a lot.
  10. Notice whenever you try to get his attention,if you try to make friends with his friends, or keep finding reasons to get close to him.
  11. Notice whenever you try to get information about him.
  12. Notice if you feel jealous or get mad at him for any little thing he does.
  13. Notice if your friend says you blush whenever he’s around or his name is mentioned.
  14. Notice if your friends tell you that you were staring at him, and you don’t even realize it.
  15. If you talk about him in one of your conversations to anybody who will listen, he is stuck in your mind, and you probably like him.

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