Rain, Rain, Come Again! How to keep your kids infection free during rainy season

It feels relaxing when the first raindrop kisses the ground, it gives you relief from the scorching heat of summers, the smell from the freshly wet soil leaves you spellbound.

The rainy season has different meanings for different people, it is nothing less than a treasure for a farmer, it creates difficulties for office goers as the light gets damaged and they get stuck in jama,

housewives get troubled because they can’t find a place to dry out their clothes and for the couples rains brings more romance in their lives but kids are the happiest during rainy seasons as they get to play in the mud puddles, gey drenched in rains and not to forget the paper-boats, I am sure you all must have got nostalgic remembering your childhood days but if you are a parent, you are the one who gets worried during rainy season as it brings a lot of flu, diseases, and infections and you get a hard time in securing your kids from any of such infections.

So, today I will tell you simple and easy ways to keep infections and diseases away from your munchkins during the rainy season.

1) I know, feeding your child home-cooked food is one of the most difficult tasks of parenthood but a little hassle can make your kid stay away from several diseases specially during rains.

We all do gey bored from eating the monotonous menu for lunch and dinner, so try to make anything they want to eat at home whether it is pizza, pasta, noodles, etc or any other delicacy. They won’t like the market but the love you will pour in will make it even tastier, keep them away from ordering food online for some time at least.

2) Always keep your umbrellas and raincoats with yourself whenever you step out of the house with your kids during the rainy season and make sure your kids wear gumboots as the risk of catching infections is higher during this season. Make them wear light cotton clothes as they are more preferable for it allows the skin to breathe.

3) Keep ur surroundings free from mosquitoes, if there are plants, water tanks, and coolers or any other thing where there are possibilities of water lodging then make sure to cover and clean it on regular basis. Do not keep windows open after evening or if you keep them open make sure, they are secured with a net. Do not forget to apply mosquito repellent cream on your kids before you step out of the house.

4) keep your kids hydrated as it will help them to fight against waterborne diseases but do make sure to drink clean boiled or filtered water.

5) Change their clothes after they come home from playing outside because your body sweats a lot during monsoon due to humidity which causes fungal infections and rashes if possible make them have a bath too. It is necessary to maintain personal hygiene.

6) Don’t feed your kids anything that has been cut from long or even if anything is left uncovered. Try to add fruits like strawberries, oranges, eggs, dairy products, etc. as they are filled with vitamins that will help and boost their immune system.

Rather than stopping them from getting wet and enjoy the rains, follow these simple tips to avoid anything that invites diseases, so that the next time you will not have to sing “Rain, Rain, Go Away”!

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