How to go back to your ex boyfriend


Getting your ex back will not be easy, there are certain things that you can do to increase your chances. Here are some of them: 
    Firstly, ask yourself why you want the two of you back together. Is there still any love left? Very carefully consider why you want to make another effort. 
    It’ll help to take a self-inventory. What did you do wrong in round one? Examine your ex’s mistakes while you are digging through your own. Will he or she continue messing up in the same ways? 
    You’ll need to demonstrate that the problems you experienced the first time around are not going happen again. Show how you have changed. Tell your ex once that you have changed, and then let your actions do the talking for you. 
    Invite your ex on an outing in which he will be able to participate in an activity you enjoyed together earlier. This will allow him to see what he is missing out on by not being with you and will remind him how good your relationship used to be. 
    Start over afresh. Let the past be the past. But if you can’t forgive or your ex does not want to forgive, then there is no point in going back. 
    For any changes that are made when attempting to reunite your ex, be sure these continue into your new relationship. Failure to do so will only result in the relationship ending for a second time and thus will cause further heartache for yourself and your partner.

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