How to get your ex back

A breakup doesn’t have to be the end of relationship. Sometimes it helps us to realize how much we love the person that we have been with and appreciate the beauty of that relationship. Followings are the few tips to get your ex. back

Important: you still have a chance to get your ex’s heart back. However, you need to realize that not all things will work out as you plan. First you have to find out from your sources that your ex is not so happy with their decision.

1. Use a month long period of no contact to give one another some space. Use this time to figure things out. For you, this one month period can be used to recover from the sting of being dumped and coming up with some sort of plan to get him or her back. For your ex, the time away is good for him or her to realize how much they miss you. If you have to see each other all the time through work or class, you can’t spend time apart and heal.

2. Create more value for yourself – When your ex left you, in many cases it was because he did not value you and your relationship high enough to stay. Therefore, your job is to create more value for yourself. Start improving yourself both physically and mentally. Identify all those that went wrong in your relationship. Try correcting your fault if you had committed any… DO it immediately.

3. Do a make over – in many cases, being in a relationship for more than a year makes you less groomed. If you feel you’ve been neglecting yourself lately, start going to the gym and buy new and cool clothes. This will make you feel better about yourself and you will resonate that feeling to your surroundings. Your ex will feel that too.

4. After one moth, you need to be around to remind your love of all the good times you’ve shared and how much they mean to you.

5. Call him, after confirming these two things

A. You had transformed to a better person
B. You really want him back

Treat your talk with your ex like a job interview. You’ve got one shot and one shot only at this. Make it impressionable and make it good.


Initial or casual contact. ……..Do NOT starts off by thinking this is an open door to go into an emotional speech about how you’ve missed them so and your life hasn’t been complete without them! Keep it cool, casual, comfortable. Don’t bring up the relationship unless they do first. DO take opportunities for light, flirty, “cute” comments and compliments, without overdoing it. The goal here is to make these contacts enjoyable, give the impression you still think of this person as an attractive member of the opposite sex, and keep it light and playful enough to avoid any pressure or discomfort.

You want them to keep coming back for more, right? So make sure they end on an “up” note – and be the one to say you gotta go – nicely, but in a way that implies it was not the last call. People come back for more of what makes them feel good, and feel attractive and desirable without being overwhelmed. People come back for more of what makes them feel good, and feel attractive and desirable without being overwhelmed.

6. meeting again, or less casual conversations, casual dates etc. The point where the ex starts openly questioning things about the breakup. Comments like “I’ve been thinking a lot lately about us,” encourage them to voice what they’re thinking and feeling, respond honestly – but without being overwhelming about it. you need to know what the perceived problems were if you’re going to build something better, don’t get defensive, don’t crawl on your knees begging forgiveness, make sure you get across you’re going to really listen with an open mind, and offer suggestions and compromises you think might’ve helped. Blaming yourself at this point won’t help, letting them blame themselves won’t either. If they change the subject let them change it. Either they have enough to think on for the moment – or they’ve hit the end of their “comfort zone” before they feel pressured, so in either case, pressing the issue is going to work against you. Be patient, be encouraging that talking about it isn’t going to make you defensive or lead to an argument, be encouraging you’re interested in starting over again with them – without making it an issue you don’t want to talk it out if they’re not ready for that.

7. If your ex wants to get back together, before you start celebrating too soon, have a nice good look at yourself and then have a nice good look at them. How does your life compare to theirs now? Does your value and goals line up? Is there even someone else that might fit into their role better?

Who knows you might end up dumping them if you make a haste decision at this point.

8. Now if you are together again, try to avoid the mistakes you done in past and don’t ever mention about the past

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