How to find a perfect Handbag for yourself?

  • Color: What color(s) do you like? What is the color you often carry? Before you decide on a color change, think how you plan to use it.
  • Shape: Lightweight or structured?
  • Opening: Do you prefer zip, drawstring, flap, buckle, toggle or magnetic closures
  • Extras: What are the added items that you love … protective feet on the bottom, cell and zip pockets, external pockets, special details?
  • Bag Load-Ability – Will the bag accommodate your load style, plus how easy can you access everything?
  • Straps: Are you into shoulder bags, top handles, clutches, totes? Also consider the strap type …thick, thin or rolled.
  • Load Style – What works for you? Do you simply need something to hold your wallet and keys, or are you the “carry everything” type?

Carry everything packers might want to strongly consider lightweight bags with thick or rolled straps. Rolled straps don’t cut into shoulders or hands. Thin straps dig into skin the most and work best with the light load carriers.

Shoulder bags are good for light to medium loads. Heavy loads regularly carried in the shoulder bags can affect the back. Strap length is also important. The longer the straps, the more you feel the weight.
Functionality – Does this bag work for you? There are two functional points to consider:

  • Fit – Does it fit and complement you? Make sure the bag size in proportion with your build … not too small or large and overwhelming.

    Also, a shoulder bag tip; the shoulder bag should fall next to a good area for your body. If I have hips, I want the bag to fall above them to balance them out. If I have large breasts, I will avoid the short straps so the bag doesn’t draw more attention to that area.

  • Use – How will you use the bag? Daily for work, weekends or special events? These factors should influence your choice.

If your load is light to medium, you might also prefer a structured bag for work. Test the weight before purchasing. Tell the salesperson (if around) you’d like to make sure everything fits.

  • Lightweight bags are fine, just put everything in it before purchasing to test how it looks when you carry it and when you put it down.
  • Have fun with the many choices in colors, materials and shapes. This is your time to play.
  • Special Events – Unless you go to many higher-end events, it might not be worth it to spend a lot on these for one wear. There are many dressier choices in the low to mid-price range. Glitter and embellishments are of the current trend, so everyone has some dressier-looking bags these days.

Browsing is a great way to see what’s out there and fine-tune your preferences. Look at all types of bags and all of the brands. Being aware of the brands and styles. Shop Bags Online @

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