How to Deal with Miscarriages

• Honor your baby
Sometimes it helps to memorialize your baby in a manner that is
meaningful to you. Some women like to keep a statue of an angel or a
pendant (numerous online retailers sell miscarriage memorial jewelry).
Others may plant a tree or special garden.
• Keep a journal
Writing down your feelings can be surprisingly cathartic, particularly
if you do not have anyone to talk to in person.
• Find a support group
It can help to be around others who are going through the same thing
as you are. Sometimes local hospitals offer a support group or other
service for people coping with pregnancy loss, but if nothing is
available in person, numerous online support groups exist.
• Take time off
Especially in the immediate aftermath of your miscarriage, you may not
want to be around people. If you can, take a vacation and get away
from it all for a while.
• Pick up a new hobby
Almost everyone has some hobby that they want to pursue someday but
just never "get around to it." Deciding to take the leap and get
started can provide a wonderful distraction from your daily life,
particularly if you want to try to conceive again but have been
advised to wait.

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