How to cut aches and pains in your body

 If you have menstrual cramps, be sure to take a pain reliever, make some hot tea and put honey and/or lemon in it. Turn the heating pad to medium heat and, using a thin towel as a buffer, place the heating pad on your abdomen. Do not sleep with it or leave it on for long periods of time.

  If you have a headache, take a couple of deep breaths, drink lots of fluids and take a pain reliever. Stretch your neck and move your head from side to side to touch it to your shoulder. Put a cool wet washcloth on your forehead and eyes to calm the senses. Resting your eyes for a while also helps.
   If you have aching joints, sore back or muscles, apply a topical heat rub balm to the affected area. It’s better if you can have someone to do this for you. Note that you will feel the warmth while rubbing the balm in, followed by a cold feeling. The balm is truly amazing for shin splints, backaches, muscle strains, and even mild forms of arthritis. Apply as often as you like but be sure to wash your hands before you touch anything.
   Finally, if you’re on your feet all day long, elevate them when you get home. If they are really swollen, fill a bucket full of ice water and place your feet in it for a few minutes. It’ll help.

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