How to be a good team player

  1. Don’t reduce your answers to Yes or No rather you should explain reasoning. This is an example of a crisis manager who can not think farther than a few hours ahead. A yes/no manager find it a waste of time to find the real answer through intellectual thought. They are already thinking about the next crisis.
  2. Delegate work rather than balance work loads. It may seem to you that you are managing the team but in actuality you are creating work imbalances within the group. It can create unnecessary overtime for some and under utilization of others. A good manager is aware of the skill sets of all the people below them and should allocate work accordingly while trying to enhance the skills of everyone to be even more productive.
  3. Always try to stand behind subordinates when they fail. Never leave your people to hang out to dry. Always back them up, right, wrong, or indifferent. If an employee tries their best in a situation and they fail to come through. They should be commended on their effort and not punished for the failure
  4. Always separate personal life from professional life. Don’t bring your personal problem to work. Try to separate their emotional imbalances while trying to manage people. Be focused and give your team the attention and direction they need for success.
  5. Always encourage smart work. Smart workers understand the concept of time management and multi-tasking. Smart workers are methodical in their thinking and can generally be successful because of their abilities management projects and time. Hard workers may take twice as long to do the work. It is important to assign work accordingly to the skills and personalities
  6. Always remember all humans makes mistakes .don’t create an environment where mistakes are unacceptable. Making mistakes only helps you become a better person, manager, etc. try to learn from your mistakes and reduce them, Take a chance and don’t be scared.
  7. Manage crisis. If you are a company that has crisis managers, then you can say goodbye to innovation and progression. Proactive thinking is critical to the success of any company. If you are not finding ways to stop or reduce the amount of crisis that has to be managed, then your competition will pass you by. Leaders have to think out of the box and make change.
  8. Don’t mix employee problem with group.


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