Hotpants are hot this summer

Shorts have always been around, but this time, they are being introduced 

as a viable alternative to formal or semi-casual dressing According to experts, wearing a revealing tank top with skimpy shorts will show that you don’t understand the trend.

The shorts that are really in are the more tailored ones. They tend to have cuffs and are made out of more expensive looking fabrics.Accessories are also very important to give a more dressed-up look to shorts.

High heels in a classic pump style or booties will give you a very chic look. Shorts also go well with a large-sized handbag. The Hermes Birkin is the perfect option. Finish off the look with expensive-looking necklaces, earrings or bangles.

If your shorts are tiny then opt for a flowy blouse, a smock or off-shoulder top.A woman over 30 should perhaps go for slightly longer proportions and classic styles.

If you are very curvy and have ample hips, pair your shorts with a long top (another great trend) that skims over your bum. Add a long pearl necklace and some gold earrings and it’s an ultra-chic look. long-sleeved

Tees and tailored shirts all go great with shorts. And avoid plain, thin strappy heels (with shorts). They are really not in trend anymore.

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