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high-waisted-shortsYou have to be highly motivated towards fashion to become a true fashionista and have to wear highly fashionable clothes which are highly in demand and wearing such clothes is a matter of high standard and high attitude.
You girls must be thinking that why am I talking so much high? Simply because it’s in.
You have to push up your limits to achieve heights but its time now to push up your waist.
As they say ,old is gold, vintage fashion is in vogue and have taken fashion to a higher level with high waist.
We still love the 50’s superstar of Hollywood and fashionista Audrey Hepburn so much and wearing high waisted clothes is like paying a tribute to the true diva because she was the one who used to wear them.
From trousers to denims and from skirts to shorts everything is high waisted these days but conditions are applied in anything and everything so you have to watch out before wearing them and have to be careful with your tires and other such issues.
If you are a bit flabby and want to wear high waisted pencil skirt, choose a peplum or empire waisted top. Even a crop top is good option to go with which is the next big and in thing.
Wearing high waisted trousers and denims with a metal belt will make the look more swank, a pleated trouser from waist is a good option, if you are going to wear high waisted denims go for the 70’s style bell-bottoms with your shirts tucked in tightly.  A blue denim with a white shirt is another classic combo to opt for a sophisticated yet voguish look.
Hot pants wheb entered the fashion industry two years back made a revolution and are still loved by designers as well as followers but 2014 is the year of making them much hotter by converting them to high-waisted shorts ,they are available in huge range of varieties from denim cut-offs to lace, from pastel hues to printed ones ,you can choose according to your style and choice.
Another eminent thing of 2014 is the “Palazzo Pants” ,they are not only in but are high waisted too. Displaying them with a crop top is all the rage. You can trend crop top with it and also with high waisted denims, skirts and shorts everything and for a more feminine look pair it up with a modish summer jacket.
One important tip which you shouldn’t ignore is that high-waist can make your top look heavier ,so to avoid that faux pas to happen, wear a right size seamless bra.
So fashionistas, follow the article and you won’t go wrong in choosing your style of high-waisted trend.
For being a complete fashion diva, keep reading metroholica, keep your heels and standards high and Be Fashionable….!!!

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