Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape


A hair style chosen without your face shape in mind can distort your features by changing the balance of your face. A simple rule is that hair should be wide where your face is narrow vice versa and hair should have length where your face is square and vice versa.

Hair Style for Round Face

Round faces are, well, round. If creating a slimmer look is important to you, try to keep fullness away from the sides (no feathers or curly bobs) and create length at the top or bottom (or both) of the style.

If you don't want long hair, part your hair on the side or add fullness on top.

The top of the head should be given a ‘long’ look with a layered, curly style,

If you have got a round or square face, avoid centre partings, which can emphasize the face's fullness. Instead, try parting your hair over on the side to slim the face.

Hair Styles to make a round face look longer include short or long cuts wilh an ultra sides, and a side-swept fringe.

  A severe, tied back style also makes the face look rounder. Avoid it.

Hair Style for oval Face

Oval is considered the perfectly balanced face, If you have an oval face, you are lucky, as any style will suit you.

 Making it a beauty ideal. Featuring a softly rounded hairline and a jaw line that is a little narrower than the temples, it can handle any hairstyle that works with your hair type.

If you would like to show off your lucky shape, avoid on-the-face looks that hide your features.

Choosing a hair style to complement an oval face is relatively easy. Even short styles work well as they accentuate the features.


Hair Style for Square Face

A wide forehead and square jawbone means you have a square face.

A style with the hair 2.5 cm or so, below the chin sits pretty on a square face.

Square faces are generally full and feature equal or near equal width at both the jaw also have a squared line. The objective with a square face is to thin it a bit and soften the shapes blunt lines – easy to do with face-framing layers , soft waves, or large curls.

Most hairdressers will advise you to keep locks well below the jaw to create the illusion of length. Stay away from blunt hair cuts, geometric lines, linear fringes or anything severe.


Hair Style for Rectangular Face

The oblong, or rectangular, face is long and slender. To flatter an oblong face, a hair style must do two things: de-emphasize length and create width.

Therefore, long, straight hair is a no-no, while short and medium-length cuts with curls or plenty of fullness are ideal.

Layered bobs are good and choppy cuts can work if the hair is directed off all the face. If it falls on the face it will only make the face appear slimmer.


Hair Style for Diamond Face

A diamond-shaped face features a narrow forehead, a narrow chin, and width through the cheeks. To normalize this shape, you should choose a hair style with width at the top and bottom and sleekness where the face is wide.

A good option is a chin-length hairstyle. You can experiment with looks that are cut to fall onto the cheeks or try styles that are created to move off the face – I have heard various hairdressers claim one or the other is the best option for diamond-shaped faces.


Hair Style for Heart Face

Heart shaped faces are characterized by wide foreheads and small, delicate chins. The right hair style can create a feeling of balance by making the forehead appear narrower and the chin seems wider.

Looks with width at the jaw – such as chin-length bobs – are perfect for this. When swept to the side, longer fringes break up a wide forehead without adding too much width to the top portion of the face.

Is your face heart shaped? Looking for something a bit different to give your hair style some oomph? Try sweeping hair to one side. It’s an ideal way to de-emphasize the chin and make the forehead look narrower.

Choppy, chin length hair style adds width to a heart shaped face.

avoid ,a heavy slab of fringe that will make your face into a triangle.


Hair Style for Triangular Face

The triangular face is most narrow at the temples, slightly wider at the cheeks, and widest at the jaw line. Create balance with plenty of fullness in the fringe area and at the temples, moderate width at the cheeks, and sleekness at the jaw.

Does such a cut sound impossible? It isn't actually. Simply ask your hair stylist for a layered look with volume up top and tapering through the bottom. Plenty of short and medium-length hair cuts fit the bill.


Hair Style for Pear Face

The pear-shaped face is narrow at the forehead and flares out to great width at the cheeks and jaw line. Think symmetry by creating plenty of fullness at the temples and in the fringe area, and sleekness at the cheeks and jaw.

Full, layered looks that feature height at the crown are good for pear shaped face. Many hairdressers prescribe looks that fall well past the jaw.

Use your hairstyle to make close-set eyes look further apart: add width at and below the temples and keep the top flat.

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