Greying hair in early age?

Greying hair in early age?

Premature greying can be a menace and very awkward, whether you blame your hair greying on the kind of lifestyle you lead on one hand, and your elders blame on the unnecessary use of chemicals, or too little use of hair oil on your hair, the fact is – damage cannot be undone. But surely there are ways to prevent the untimely greying of hair.

Frequent use of product that contains excessive chemicals makes your hair prone to greying. So better you buy a mild shampoo and a conditioner to keep the greys from taking over.

Do you often visit salon for coloring, straitening and blow drying your hair? Just say away from such chemical treatments as much as you can because they may lead to grey strands sticking out.

Even emotional stress like feeling insecure about your relationship or a stress related to your job can affect your hair growth badly.

Ger rid of premature greying of hairs

Eating seafood is one of the things you can eat to promote all over growth of hairs. This food is rich in zinc, iodine and protein which are best for hair. So, if you like to eat seafood you can prefer to eat fish several times a week. Eating canned food is not as good as a fresh fish. If you don’t want to eat fish you can take fish oils or its supplement.

Cow’s buttermilk is beneficial if you want to get rid of greying of hairs. You can either drink or massage the head scalp with buttermilk once or twice a week gently.

Intake of curry leaves can help to prevent grey hairs. Boil the leaves in coconut oil and apply it to your hair regularly as it is helpful to bring back hair pigmentation.

Take a piece of ginger and grate it. Mix it with honey. You can have 1 spoon of it daily as it is helpful to prevent grey hairs.

If you are having any kind of stress, anxiety and jealousy this may give way to premature greying of hairs. So, try to avoid those conditions.

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