Get Ready With a New Look For Party

One of the easiest and quickest changes to your personal appearance that you can make is a new hair color. You can take advantage of a prominent feature and revitalize your hair with new coloring that provides a new and dashing look to set you apart from the rest of the crowd?


A new shade of hair color can provide a bold and fresh look


Several strategies may help you with your selection of hair color. A natural look means a natural beauty .

Know what color hair you truly have. Be aware of your own skin coloring as well. Select a shade that will compliment what you already have to offer.

Two shades darker or two shades lighter will create the desired effect without too much of a change. If you want to make a drastic change in your hair color, it is probably best to visit a professional rather than do it yourself.

If you are unsure about coloring your hair:

  • Look for a temporary product that provides an easy wash out in order to sample what that color would be like.
  • Test a small section of your hair and allow it to dry completely before deciding if that’s the right color.
  • Pick up tips by talking to other women who have colored their hair.
  • Try a few highlights instead.

Remember that longer hair may require more than one box. Treated hair, such as hair that is already permed, will process the color more quickly, as will hair that is closer to the scalp, so you do not want to leave it on too long.

Keep contact brief unless you want everyone doing a double take and saying, “Who is that girl with green hair?”

Now that your hair is colored, here are some tips to keep it beautiful:

  •  Be sure and buy specifically formulated shampoo and conditioner that will help rather than harm your color treated hair.
  • Remember that daily conditioning is not simply to make your hair more manageable, but also to revitalize the shine and beauty of your hair.
  • Avoid chlorine by avoiding pools.
  • Keep exposure to the sun to a minimum, since it can cause the coloring to become dull and less vibrant.

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