Get a sexy pout in no time.


If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then lipstick is her soul mate. Even with flawless makeup, most women don't feel complete until their lips are lined, glossed or otherwise coated in color. To get the sexiest lips possible, follow these eight simple steps.

1.      The sexiest thing you can put on your lips is a smile!

2.      Once a week, apply petroleum jelly to your lips and leave it on for five minutes. Dip a toothbrush in hot water and gently brush your lips. Dead skin will be history!

3.      Use lip liner after putting on your lipstick. Kiss-able!

4.      Place a dot of sheer gold lipstick in the middle of your bottom lip. Press your top and bottom lips together. Fullness without collagen!

5.      Instead of lipstick, try using a lip gloss and liner. Sheer ecstasy!

6.      Get a plastic box will small compartments. Remove your lipsticks from their tubes, putting one color in each compartment. Make your own colors using a lipstick brush.

7.      Don't apply lipstick directly from the tube; use a brush for more even and long-lasting coverage. Smooch-able!

8.      Fresh: Use lip liner one shade darker than the natural color of your lips. Lips in bloom!

9.      Succulent: Apply a dark, berry colored lipstick, remove with tissue and repeat. Your lips will look like you've been eating fresh berries. Yummy!

10.  Moist: Licking your lips may appear sexy, but in reality, licking dries out lips. Especially when outdoors, keep your lips moisturized with lip protection products like balm or zinc oxide. Lip-guards to the rescue!

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