A mini dress is not just a mini dress….it’s a dress which not only makes you looks splendid and fashionable but also makes you feel comfortable and presumptuous. There was a time when a mini dress was just seen on ramps and in movies or red carpet, it was only wore by celebrities and models but now fashion is not only limited to those who work on screen but fashion is mostly run by the common people, they amplify its proliferation much more than the celebrities and that’s why a mini dress is found in every girl’s every woman’s wardrobe.


A mini dress was invented in the era of 50’s, earlier it was worn by roman Greeks, the slaves and fighters used to wear it. But nothing good is left behind from the fashion gurus and as they say change is the law of nature, the fashion designers has brought a lot of distortions in minis from then and now and made it much more wearable with style and elegance.

A mini dress is not just short but it comes in lot of details and potpourris but the most in thing in a mini dress today is the one with full sleeves, it looks classic, sassy and very elegant as it gives you a very nurture look.miniii

It doesn’t means that if a full sleeved mini dress is in then you can pick up any from the store, you still have to be finicky in picking a mini dress it should not only look trendy ad stylish but also elegant at the same time so the first thing which one should cognizance or say one should be aware of after a sleeve is the neckline. A neckline can make you look sassy but if you will go fallacious in selecting the perfect one for it and make you look filthy. So, before buying a full sleeved mini dress you should aggrandize buying V-neck or boat neck, they not only look elegant but they elongate your body and draw scrutiny to your collar bone and face.Scoop Chiffon Sequin Long Sleeve UK Girl Black Graduation Dresses.jpgs

Don’t go for the flashy fabric or any sequined mini if you are going to wear it in day time because this style of mini is perfect for a party or disc when you are going to attend them in moonlight and if you want to wear a mini in daytime then go for fabrics like jersey, chiffon, Georgette. Make sure that your mini dress is a perfect fit to your body because if will look sleazy if the fit is not good.


Now let me elaborate it a bit more, a full sleeved mini is not just a simple full length mini, you can experiment different styles of full sleeves a full length bell sleeve, bishop sleeve, lantern sleeve can look good with a mini if you will increase their length and make them full sleeve. Even a full length kimono sleeve is a good prerogative for a mini dress.

Now I am sure that a question  must be  coming in your mind that how can we wear a full length mini in this scorching season, so don’t worry if there’s a trend to follow then we at www.metroholica.com will make it facile for you by conjecturing a lot of options. Just buy those minis which have net sleeves, crochet sleeves or sleeves in any lighter fabric or get them tailor made. The sleeves in this fabric are not only good for summer but will also enhance the style of your mini.DesignerDressesForClubbingShortMiniColumnSheathRedBlackOneShoulderLongSleeveForJuniorsLS104322-0

As a cake looks incomplete without a cherry on top, how can we leave or finish this article by not suggesting you the accessories to wear with your mini dress. If you are going to wear your mini in a party at night then go for footwear with embellishment and shiny stuff and don’t overload your body with too much of anything because your dress will complete the look. But if you are going to wear a mini at daytime just pair of classic and subtle chandelier earrings are enough to make you look a diva. The most ponderous thing which you should always keep in mind is that heels are the best eels for complementing the look with your mini dress.

So my dear metroholicas shop and enhance your wardrobe with full sleeved mini dresses and Be Fashionable…..!!!





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