Fashion is a thing which on changing not every year but every minute, but there are thousands of trends which come again and again and that is called classic. But according to me you should feel confident and beautiful from inside to carry off any kind of dress and then you will be able to make your own fashion statement.


Fashion is the second name of experiment, yes, because you experiment with new things and those things which you never thought would make a style statement and that’s why I have chosen “QUILTING” as the current fashion trend to comment upon.


Quilting can be elaborately decorative, comprising stitching fashioned into complex designs and patterns. The quilter may choose to emphasize and add to the richness of the quilting, by using threads that are multicolored and/or metallic, or that contrast highly to the fabric. Conversely, the quilter may choose to make the quilting disappear, using "invisible" nylon or polyester thread, and stitching in the ditch (in the seam line). Some quilters draw the quilting design on the quilt top before stitching, while others stitch "freehand."


Quilting is a form which was introduced years ago, but it was seen only on bed sheets, cushions and cushion covers but as nothing gets hide with fashion so last year fashion designers introduced this form into clothes as well and I personally like this trend a lot because it is fashion and yet very wearable because you can find this trend in all type of dresses whether it is Indian or western outfit. And not only on dresses if you like this trend but feels afraid of adding it on your dresses then you can buy footwear or handbags with quilting form.  


Quilting is a form which is now-a-days seen on a lot of fashion runways, in stores. Quilting is seen not only on dresses on sarees, lenghas, suits, handbags and shoes, in short it is seen every item related to fashion conscious people.


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