From aqua to navy the coolest color of the spectrum is here

Blue is everywhere yes because it is the color of the season 2009 .Neither you cant live without aqua nor you can live without the color blue


Blue is everywhere. Let me tell u d different ways in which you can add blue in your wardrobe; the list is following-


  1. The first and the most common way to add blue to your wardrobe is just buy a blue dress. Whether, a piece costume, shirt, top or skirt.
  2. Be a fashion queen by adding blue suede shoe or even any other kind of heels or even flats into your wardrobe, but remember the color should be blue.
  3. The third way to use the color blue is use as a shadow or a metallic liquid eyeliner, this two-in-one beauty is a modern take on the unforgiving eighties trend.
  4. Enjoy the modernist lines of this simple jersey shift that’s perfect for nights on the beach where you can blend into the azure background of the ocean.
  5. Even you can blue your skin.dont worry you don’t have to look blue but just use the Blue Herbal Moisturizers and gel cleanser and spot treatment. This bright blue beauty trio goes skin deep to cleanse and keep blemish-prone skin clear.
  6. Another way of adding blue is add the icy blue into accessorize, just buy bracelets, neckpieces or earrings of blue color.
  7. . When it comes to basics, blue jeans are the ultimate.
  8.  Using cobalt blue lipstick. For a lighter approach, smudge a touch of the smurfette hue on your lids for a flash of eighties everyday cool.

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