Fashion is something which keeps on changing all the time but as it history repeats itself, fashion too comes again and again if it gets popular.


Year 2013 revives the 80’s Fringe fashion with more style and essence. Runways and catwalks are bombarded with designer labels that will not let themselves left behind for any latest trends in fashion.

lace fringe top black 1

Nothing suits the feminine mood better this season than the return of the fun and flirty flapper dress. These dresses are part of the fun and flirty fringe-fashion trend hitting the high street, with dresses, skirts, shoes and purses, even swimwear. It is ruling the fashion runways too.


We have to tread carefully with fringe. Sure, it’s fun in a retro/flapper-esque way. But fringe is so hyper-trendy right now, that overindulging will surely lead to a what-was-I-thinking moment in the near future.Free-Shipping-Women-Evening-font-b-Dresses-b-font-DL217-New-Fashion-Sexy-font-b-Fringed


Fringe benefits are the easy way its decoration can be used just at the neckline or hem.

When we are talking fringed clothing, haute is cool, with flapper fringe dresses found with designer labels.

fringe skirt


Fringes are practically on everything: dresses, bags, boots, scarves, moccasins and even jewelry. Seeing the Fringe trend hit most of the retail stores proves a revival of 60’s and 70’s.


If you decide to support the fringe trend this season, then make sure not to overdo it by wearing more than one item with fringe detailing at a time! This is very important.fringe


The trend is so much in that it not restricted to only branded or designer labels, those fashion followers who don’t have a lot to spend on dresses, can go to any local store or even kiosk and can buy everything fringed up.


But dear metroholicas, you can have to be specific about what time of day or event you are going to wear fringe. For a day look, opt for a top with fringe with denims, skirts or hot pants or you can also just wear handbags or footwear with fringe.


And for a night out with friends or your partner in disc or at a party go for a short dress with fringes and a tiny little make up tip for you girls, do the smoky eyes make up at night with fringe dresses because that will not only enhance the look of your dress but will also make you look ultra femme pink homecoming dress


So girls go and add fringe to your wardrobe without any delay and Be Fashionable…!!!




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