Footwear with embellishments

Summer 2009 is all about sparkling and making some noise. Metal embellishment is a wonderful way to combine the two. Metal decoration is really huge this season so be ready to see a lot of metal embellished items on store shelves.

Shoes have taken on their own jewelry for spring 2009. You’ll find shoes with trendy zippers, large buckles, and metal trim and embellishments of all types, frequently displayed in multiples on a single shoe. Look for lots of fringe and detailing to add additional interest. Footwear for 2009 is anything but plain.

An Outfit is complete only when it has all the complementing accessories worn or carried along with it. Footwear is one of the most important fashion accessories that can make or mar the looks of your ‘so cautiously chosen’ apparel. So, it’s always better to be careful while selecting shoes that go with your wardrobe.

Accessorizing is an important feature of fashion and appropriate footwear can be the perfect embellishment for any kind of outfit. The latest trend in footwear fashion definitely does not lag behind in this issue

Women are looking for footwear to be uniquely different, and color and embellishment gives them an added aspect to their wardrobe.

Shoes are going to be heavy with the accessories like zippers, snaps and buckles. There might be one or multiple of such accessories on them. They’ll nicely decorate our footwear whether it be sandals or pump shoes. Styles with ankle embellishments, from straps to ribbons are at the forefront of spring footwear.

Cinderella is proof a new pair of shoes can change your life. So girls don’t wait go and buy a new pair of shoes which are in fashion the embelled one’s and be the centre of attraction, and change your life too…..and be fashionable…!!!!

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