Five things men always notice about you during Se.x

good lovemaking tipsDo you ever wonder what’s your partner thinks while making love, did he ever notice things in you or he want to that only, you will happy to know men too notice many things while making love, followings are five common points most men notice

1. Your Breath

Yaa I know your breath don’t stinks. I’m talking about how it sounds. Is it heavier than usual? Similarly, is your voice deeper? These clues tell us whether you’re genuinely aroused. No you don’t have to fake it. But if you’re getting into it, let it show. Let him feel your breath against his neck, whisper something se.xy into his ear, let him know you want him very badly. His stimulation depends on your reaction, so don’t be afraid to be visibly turned on.

2. Your Involvement

If your man have to do all the work and you are just waiting to see his next move, he going to thing you are not interested in love making, you should some little acts to show your excitement, Take the lead in unbuckling or loosing something. Roll him over, and get on top. Help him to make this moment breathtaking.

3. Your Eyes

Do you like watching yourself naked? If you don’t love your body don’t expect him to love it. If you feel conscious about your body that will reflect in your eyes , make sure your eyes aren’t telling him something you don’t want them to. Let him know you’re happy to be with him.


4. Get Waxed or Wearing Expensive Lingerie if possible

We all love wearing new  attractive lingerie and keeping us clean, your man will feel good if you dress and waxed for the occasion .

5. The Way You Move Your Body

If you’re unbending, it will make the moment boring and will make him feel you’re feeling uncomfortable. But if you’re act naughty and sensual, that will turn him on. He wants to feel your body writhe against him. He wants your chest to press against his, to feel your thigh slide up between ours. The more you engage your entire body in the moment, the more he will feel like you’re excited to be with him.

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