Fit For Fashion : Gym Cloths

Its fabulous to be fit, being fit gives you energy and confidence, when you become fit you go out more, socialize more & it gives you the confidence of wearing your favourite dresses.

If you are fit, you start looking at the world from different perspective. We wear and do all the things which are in vogue and now-a-days being fit is the most vogue thing.

Doing yoga, aerobics or hitting the gym is the new way of clubbing or socializing, there are a whole lot of ways to loose weight and they can be fun too. Gone are the days when track pants or pajamas were the only thing to be worn while exercising, the era has changed and so has the gym clothing trend.

As people are becoming more conscious and aware about their health, the designers and brands are also inclining towards making sports or active wear.

Sports or active wear is now seen on ramp too, designers like Givenchy, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney etc. Have jumped into this business too, and your favourite brands like Adidas, Reebok, Nike and Puma are also there with much rejuvanated sports wear.

Wearing the right type of clothes while exercising not only makes you look good while you sweat but boost your energy and confidence too as you feel comfortable in them without being hesitant.

Florals, geometric, stripes, mesh and see through active or sports wear come in a whole lot of variants, they have become a trend of their own.

The right type of active wear needs right type of lingerie too, leave your push-up and T-shirt bras aside & go for sports bra.

When you kept your t-shirts bras aside, its time to keep your T-shirts aside too, go for a tank or crop top.

We all do different types of exercises according to our body requirements and there are different types of bottom wear for them. Wear leggings, capri or Lycra shorts while gymming.  Opt for yoga pants and cropped leggings while doing Yoga and go for stretch pants when you are doing Pilates or other exercises.

Your sports or active wear clothes should be of well fitting, sloppy clothes are not good while exercising, the good thing about well fitted clothes is that they will help you in being more motivated to work on your flaws.

Shoes play an important role while exercising and there are different shoes for different exercises too. Running shoes are best whether you are going for jogging or treddmil as they absorb sweat. Cross trainers are good for aerobics as they flexible and support you in moving side to side.

There are a few fashionistas who worry about their appearance everywhere they go, who can’t live without their makeup, so for them there’s a thing known as waterproof and smudgeproof makeup but metropolica suggests you to go makeup free while exercising.  Keep your hair tied up into a high bun or ponytail, you can play around by adding braids to your bun and pony.

Remember, when life gives you lemons, use them to cut your fat.

So, Metroholicas, indulge in your body, buy active wear, go to gym, be fit, be fabulous and Be Fashionable…!!!

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