Wide leg pants/jeans were first introduced in men’s wardrobe and in seventies, but because they look stylish, sexy and comfortable, they became a classic look and are now back again. And is this year’s hottest trend.


The wide leg pant is classic and completely fashionable for multiple occasions. By adding a wide leg pant to your closet in a lighter fabric, you will expand your outfits and your style. Plus, this pant is perfect for the transition from summer to fall so you'll get plenty of use from it!



The trick to wearing wide-leg pants is to watch the length (grazing the top of your foot instead of dragging the ground) and make sure that while the leg is full, key fit areas like the back and waist fit perfectly with no extra bulk.




A nice change from the bootleg cuts from past seasons, but still with plenty of flare to hide your 4″ heels and deliver impossible model-like proportions. Try not to overdo the width of your pants, or you might end up looking like you wore a parachute out. The idea is to use the pants to streamline your silhouette, not expand it. 



Pair the pants with a top that defines your waist. Choose a lightweight knit or flowing tank that skims the body and doesn’t add to much bulk to your mid section.


Tops that wrap and tie usually have a slim fit and accentuate the waist, so this is great for a lean on top with a fuller bottom proportion.


A flowing tunic top can look good as well but make sure it’s belted or cinched at the waist but pairing a large top with large bottoms can be too much. Since the pants are already baggy it’s good to structure them with a fitted top or jacket.



Look thinner by adopting a single color palette for your entire ensemble. And no, it doesn't have to be black.

The most important thing you must keep in mind while wearing a wide leg pant is that, you should accessorize it properly.


Heels and only heels will work as footwear.


Don’t go for big chandelier/chunky earrings; just go for a small and cute and elegant pair of earrings. Wear a nice and classy statement necklace to look more elegant.


So girls, this summer keep aside your skinny jeans and let your wardrobe breathe easily with at least a pair of wide leg trousers/jeans and remain up to date with fashion. And be fashionable!!!!!!



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