Fashion trends men hate on women

Although opposite sex attracts each other, but there are a lot more things they hate about each other, one of top most thing is fashion trends.

There are a lot of trends which men just don’t like on women. Without wasting your much time, here is the list:


1.) Cheek piercing-piercing looks hot and fashionable but not everywhere, men hate when women get their cheeks pierced, it looks awful to them. It looks like an accidental fashion statement, according to men if you love piercing then get your eyebrows, nose, belly button pierced besides ears, because these not only make fashion statement but also looks elegant.

2.) Giant Sunglasses-men don’t like big sunglasses, they think eyes are most beautiful part of women’s face, why cover them. Shades can be hot. Like any glasses, you just have to find something that fits your face. The goggles above don’t match any human face.

3.) Excessive Foundation-according to men, natural beauty is the best. They think women without make up have a lot more to offer, they are not saying to not to use make @ all…use it but with limitation, so that the person may easily recognize you with make up. Make-up should be an accessory than a necessity.

4.) High belts– according to men it’s a wrong trend to follow only in the case of certain body types. When used randomly or just for the sake of keeping up with what your friends are wearing, high belts can do more damage than good because, instead of emphasizing your torso and waistline, they make you look all bulky and, why not say it outright, fat. Disproportionate. Eager to hide those very flaws that you ironically make more obvious with that belt. 

5.) Smock dress– WOMEN may be embracing the trend for smock dresses but the men are saying a resounding no. Figure-concealing smock dresses are the main target of derision, with many men saying they resemble sleepwear or maternity frocks.

6.) Capri pants– Men hate Capri pants. Face it. Capri pants are not sexy, and men love to see women looking sexy. Bottom line, end of story. Capri pants are not terribly flattering. Shorts are more flattering than Capri pants because they also give the illusion of a longer leg than Capri pants that “chop” the leg look in an unflattering line.

7.) Baby doll dresses-baby doll dresses girls love it, but men just just cant stand by them, according to them They make you look pregnant. They make you look fat. They make you stuff that carb laden piece of bread down your throat which makes you fat! Men hate them. 

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  1. I don’t think that belly button or other types of piercings besides ears, are elegant or sexy on women! Nothing is sexier than a natural female body without metal jewelry hanging on different parts of it. And I know from my friends and internet forums and blogs that I am not the only man who thinks like this.

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