Hey my dear fashion addicts, the spring/summer of 2010 is going to arrive and I am here to wake you up and fulfill you life with a thing that will energize you and that is shopping….!!!!!
Yes…the summer is coming back and this summer the latest fashion is sports.Dont worry I am not asking you to play any, just telling to start loving them because this year the biggest and latest fashion is the sportswear.

In the late 70’s and 80’s,people started playing sports and that was the time they made sportswear but they wore it only @ the time of playing but soon they started them wearing in their day to day life as these clothes made them feel comfortable and now sportswear is back in 2010 but with a fashionable touch. In 2010 sportswear will not only be seen on the playing grounds but on streets too in its entire sexy, lithe, and graceful splendor.
Even the biggest designers also showcased their spring/summer collection with sports wear; sportswear was seen on all the runways, it has already become a huge hit.
Fashion is now extremely sportswear by the way of scuba-inspired bodysuits and dresses complete with buckles, pants low slung to expose the waistband; leather cross-lacing, jersey fabrics, pleated skirts, even if you are going to wear any long or knee length one piece dress, try to add pleats anywhere in the garment and stonewashed bodysuit given modern flair; soft ballet pinks and creams transferred into skinny pants. All these garments can be @ any time of the day.
This sportswear look will not only make you feel comfortable but will also make you look sexy, elegant, confident, stylish and bold.

The most perceptible piece to make a comeback is the tracksuit trouser, but the trend also includes hooded jackets, jersey sweaters and even cycling shorts, all twisted and molded according to this century.
And for the accessories there is whole range of sports shoes or sports footwear is available in the market, big sized handbags with funky prints and buckles will also give you a sporty look. For a complete sporty look, keep you hair a little messy.
Its not necessary that you can always go right with sports wear, while wearing sports wear, avoid midriff-flashing, cut-off tops and please don’t try to look more funky through experimenting by wearing cycling shorts alone as you will look complete disaster, unless you are actually going in the ground to play some sports.
So, dear metroholicas start buying your kind of sportswear clothes and start playing but with fashion and Be Fashionable………!!!!!!!!!

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