Fashion Kimono Style


Fashion is all about innovation. Making fashionable dresses from your imagination. Fashionists are known for their experiments, and that’s why this year they have introduced kimonos to the fashion world.


Kimonos were seen everywhere on the fashion runway whether in sleeves or a full kimono dress. Kimono style is new, sexy, yet comfortable and in fashion.


 The kimono is a form of traditional Japanese clothing that people used to wear in every day life until in the middle of 19th century (the opening of the Japan to the rest of the world). Today kimonos are mainly worn for special occasions or events, but in a major Japanese city you can still see some Japanese women wearing them. There are many different kinds of kimono. They are all different in design, who wears them, when and why.


Kimono sleeves are an extravagant, yet stirring look that works on tunics, dresses, and tops in an extensive range of solids and prints.


Kimono sleeves can easily do that for you because they single-handedly add uniqueness to all your basic bottoms – it has a retro feel to it, and it can make a humdrum black pant glint when accompanied by a kimono influenced top. It's that easy!

You can wear your kimono with anything you want. You can team up a kimono sleeve top with jeans, pencil skirts, short cute denim skirts, and even with a pair of leggings.

For a more formal look try your kimono with jacket or a blazer it will look trendy.

After wearing a kimono sleeve top or dress, a full kimono dress you need to accessorize it well, it will go with big chunky jewelry. A statement pendant necklace, big bangles, and smart earrings.

You should also keep in mind the kind of footwear; you can wear ballerinas, heels and even boots. This depends on the kind of your bottoms.

The kimono sleeve style looks good on everyone! If you have wide hips and thighs, they're great because the width of the sleeves works well to balance the lower half of your body.

Adding to this, there is a fact that all these dresses can be worn in both daytime and night time. This makes these dresses the perfect outfit and a must have for all who love dressing up.



The best way to pull off this much volume is by wearing the top or dress belted.


So, if you also are a fashion addict or follower, then don’t be lazy and hurry up in adding the best suited kimono according to your taste in your closet and keep it stylish!!!!!

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