Cotton was invented in India, thousands of centuries ago. At that time, it was worn by all the sadhus and saints of India, which was dropped over the body just as a mere piece of clothing without stitching it.

But as the time passed it took place as the most ethnic and richest fabric of India.

Years ago, cotton was worn mostly in India but the men in the form of dhotis, shirts, lungees and by women in the form of plain sarees and simple salwar-kameez.

But as the time has changed with a fast speed, fashion has also taken drastic changes and even the cotton has been reinvented.

Cotton has become the most wanted fabric not only in India but universally.

Designers has given new birth to the cotton, now most of the fashion garments are made with cotton from tops, shirts, skirts, dresses, gowns, trousers, you just have to think about cotton and you will find garment of your choice.

It is an advantage of cotton that it can be mixed with any other type of fabric and can work miracles. Cotton has many forms like organic cotton and that is called the cotton of new era.

Cotton in itself look very classy and stylish but if you will do some kind of embroidery, sequence work or bead work in the cotton outfit, it will become a party wear outfit.

Cotton is a kind of fabric on which you can do any kind of work and it will look great like tie and dye which is a very much in thing these days looks very beautiful and stylish on cotton, even the most talked block printing works well on cotton.

So, you can easily find every kind of garment in cotton, not only this, cotton is considered as the most suitable garment or fabric of summers as it absorbs all the heat.

Now, I think, the next question coming to your mind is can we find handbags in cotton..?? And the answer is yes, girls you can easily find cotton handbags in market very easily.

So, as per my fashion knowledge cotton is the most sophisticated, elegant, classic yet trendy yet stylish yet sexy fabric for all the years as it never goes out of fashion. So, metroholicas just go for it and Be Fashionable…..!!!!!!

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