In today’s world, people are very much inclined towards fashion that they can do anything too keep themselves up to date with latest fashion trends. People want to look smart and unique with every another person and to achieve that people are now following the tattoo trend.


Using the body as a canvas is nothing new; for years designers and make-up artists have painted models with markings of some description. In seasons past we’ve seen brandings (tattoos, slogans and drawings) stamped and scrawled across bodies and faces.


Placing  tattoo on your body was firstly known as emo culture because emo people introduced this art, but in this fast changing world of fashion, tattoo art is now adapted by all the people universally.


The emo culture is all about personal expression. It is a way of using fashion, music, hairstyles, and more to display one’s inner feelings. In keeping with this idea, many emo youths get tattoos with some personal meaning. There are no real rules when it comes to emo tattoos



For spring 2010 however, this occasional practice become a trend, with not just one designer doing it, but a handful or more.  Paraded girls with tribal tattoos painted on their arms and hands. Big, black bands wrapped around arms, snaked up shoulders and down wrists, swirled around elbows and featured bold motifs.


Tattoos can include a wide variety of sizes, images, and colors. However, a few generalizations about this trend can be made. First, there are many things emo tattoos are not. They are not meant to represent pop culture icons, make jokes, or be a mere aesthetic picture. They are also not meant to be objects of sexuality.


Earlier tattoos were known as an permanent art, which one placed cant be removed for the rest of life, but as now people started placing their beloved’s name over their body, to show them their love, which doesn’t lasts long, People are now using semi permanent tattoos so that they can change it according to the situation and name of their loved ones.


But as a fashionista, would advise you all not place anybody’s name over your body as it just looks awful, and there are many other ways to show off your love to them.



Tattoo is now an in thing but as a coin has two sides there are some points which you should keep in mind while adapting this look-


  • You should be over 18 years of age to adopt this look.


  • You should consult a doctor before adopting this look because not evry skin is normal to handle thses kind of misuses with their bodies, some are sensetive.


  • Tattoos should be meaningful, you can’t place anything weird on your body.


  • You should be confident enough to carry on a tattoo on your body,otherwise you will keep finding ways to hide it.


So, dear metroholicas, just follow the simple rules and instructions to carry on a tattoo and Be Fashionable…..!!!!!


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