Spring has knocked the door with lot more of new trends. And I know you all want to look trendy and fashionable and that’s why you all are bored with that old stuff in your wardrobe. Then go and buy new one…


But all you people you love fashion but can’t afford to have new stuff all the time then don’t worry just regenerate or reintroduce your old dresses and accessories. You must be thinking that how can you do that, then don’t think just EMBELLISH your wardrobe.


An embellishment is anything that enhances the appearance of clothing or fashion accessories without actually having any functional purpose.


Embellishment means to add on or to flourish. A simple green knee length kurti will spark up with a little gota work on its edges. Do the minimum for casual wears and heavier stuff for special occasions. This is an art and many designers are known for their embellishments though their creations seem ordinary with easy cuts and length.


You can do it yourself because we all have sewing machines in our houses, and embellishments are easily available in market. Just go and and pick according your choice.


Designers are saying that more is more, but it's easier said than done. Here's how to add a bit of glitz without overdosing on the trend.


Start by incorporating small embellished items, such as a handbag, into your wardrobe. Make sure the embellishment is scaled to your figure: paillettes or huge sequins may overwhelm petite figures. Large, intricate jewelry looks best with streamlined, simple clothing. In general, embellishment such as sequins, embroidery, trims and studs look classier on basic colors like black or white. Make sure embellishment is used on or near a body part you want to call attention to: it draws the eye to it. For maximum impact, wear just one embellished item at a time.

But one thing you should always keep in mind is that overdoing embellishments always takes away the charm of garment.


By doing just a small change in your wardrobe you can beat all the trends and look stylish!!!!

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