Don’t Mess With Tress

Don't Mess With Tress

It’s not always the way you dress or do make up but your hair play a vital role in making you look good.
Here, I am not talking about different hair styles, they do add glam to your personality but natural care for hair is very necessary.
Hair straighteners, dryers, rollers, we torture and experiment a lot with our hair a lot but your hair have to be strong and healthy enough to face this torture.
We give a lot of time and attention to our skin but our hair always stay neglected.
We all go through a bad hair day but when summers arive it becomes bad hair everyday. They allow us to wear our favourite style of clothes with enormous range of silhouettes, fabrics, textures and prints and that’s why we love summers so that we can flaunt ourselves but summers give a hard time to our hair but by giving a special care ,we can ease this tension from our hair just by following few regimes.

  • ┬áSummers means lots of sweating and this sweat hides in your locks and makes them dull and weak. Dandruff also arises because of sweating. So the first and most important thing you should do is to wash your hair more often.
  • Replace your favourite brands of shampoos with mild shampoos which contain milk proteins.
  • ┬áDon’t dehydrate yourself, drink plenty of water and eat fruits like watermelon, pear etc. A balanced diet is not only essential for your body but also for your hair, it will not only make your hair healthy but will also bring the natural shine.
  • keep your hair away from electric heating tools. If you want different hair styles go for a haircut or updos.
  • ┬áCondition your hair twice a week.
  • Take an umbrella or wear a hat which are very much in these summers while going out,they will protect your hair from getting in direct contact with sun.

Another way of styling your hair is by accessorising them with hair clips and bands which are available in wide range of styles which you can get from anywhere.
So Metroholicas ,the next time when you go for shopping , keep in mind that like you, your hair also needs pampering, you are the rapunzel in the fairy tale of your life and your hero will only get impressed by them. One more important thing that you should never forget is to oil your hair once or twice a week, love your hair and Be Fashionable….!!!

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