Do opposites attract? A belief or a myth?

There is an age-old saying that “opposites attract”. There should be one mature and one naive person in a couple to make a relationship work. Do you believe in this statement? Does the current generation believe in the theory of opposites attract?

Relationships are very fragile, it takes an enormous amount of compromise and commitment to make a relationship last longer.

When you start dating a person, everything seems beautiful at first, the first date, the first time you hold their hand, the first compliment, the first hug, the first kiss and even the first fight which makes you realize how much he/she means to you. You find romance in everything you do but the real test of your relationship starts when you tie the knot with your love.

Marriage is considered to be the real eye-opener, it tests the strength of your bond as everything changes with the blink of an eye, the same person whom you were dating since years seems to be unknown. The same way which they used to tease you which made you giggle, it suddenly becomes irritating. That mesmerizing fragrance of their perfume which used to leave you hypnotized is now replaced by their bad odor which makes you lose all your senses.

The way they eat, the way they live and even the way they breathe, everything becomes annoying.

The same movie which you used to sit and watch together, even if you couldn’t bear the actor but you still watched it just for the sake of your love. Everything together makes you think why couldn’t he/she behave like me? Why can’t he/she think like me? And this only question that “why he/she can’t be like me?” can change your entire life and it makes you realize “Do opposites really attract?” Or “Is it just a myth?”

Your life is different when you are dating someone but it becomes totally different when you marry that someone.

Compromising on every teeny tiny thing is easy while dating because that compromise is short-lived, it is temporary but when you have to compromise on permanent issues, then it makes you realize that it would have been a lot easier to live with the person who has the same perspective of looking at the world just like you.

Okay, let me just make it simpler for you, just answer these rustic questions in your mind or to your heart.

Would you like to spend the rest of your life with the person who will get drenched in the rain with you or the one who complains about the difficulties which the monsoon brings?

Would you like to spend the rest of your life with the person who stays awake with you to binge-watch all the seasons of your favorite show or the one who can not give up his/her sleep even for a day or two?
Would you like to spend the rest of your life with the one who dances crazily on the floor on the song “Jumma-Chumma” or the one who gets embarrassed for all your actions?

You all must be thinking that these small things cannot sum up the whole life’s ups and downs but don’t you think that fixing up the small bricks together will help you make up the entire building? The building of your love.

Whether it is life or anything else, a balance is made when there is equality on both sides. Opposites attract but do they stay together?

If you are ready to fight and settle on everything with mutual love and respect, if you think your love for them is greater than anything else, then yes, you can opt for the one who is your opposite.

Well, that doesn’t also mean that there are no compromises in a relationship made up of similarities because of trust and understanding is the second name of love, then compromise is another name for marriage. No two human being can be totally the same.

If you can respect each other’s differences, then yes, opposites do attract for you but if you think that you may lose respect for your love in sorting out the differences and finding similarities, then opposites do not attract for you. Remember, life is not quantum physics where opposites attract all the time.

As far as, our prospective is considered, opposites attract on temporary basis but you need similarities for making a relationship work for all your life but do let Metroholica know what do you think about the phrase “opposites attract”, pour in your valuable comments.

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