Dip-Dye – Hottest hairstyle of 2013

Dip-dye hair is one of the biggest beauty trends of 2013. Don’t dismiss it as a trend popular only among teenagers; it’s suited for women of all ages. This look is very popular in the West, having been sported by Hollywood celebrities like Caroline Flack, Jessie J, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera. Closer home, Kareena Kapoor’s done it too.

Dip-Dye - Hottest hairstyle of 2013
Instead of coloring your entire hairs, you can dye the ends of your hair with a lighter or darker shade – compared to your original hair color – to create a two-toned look. Or, if you are bold enough, go a step ahead and color the hair ends with one or two hues. Don’t choose more than two colors. Otherwise, it will become a rainbow hair trend. here’s how to get the look!.
The two-toned look: If you have brown or black hair, this trend is ideal. Choose a blonde tone for the ends of your hair;it is the safest colour to opt for. If you wish to maintain the length of your hair,work around the faded ends to get a new dip-dye hairstyle.

Dip-Dye - Hottest hairstyle of 2013
Short or pixie dip-dye: Those with short hair need not worry. If you have a bob cut or a pixie cut, instead of coloring the back ends of your hair,dye the front with another color. If you have a short U-cut or V-cut, you can colour the back ends of your mane with a lighter hue or go bold with blue, green, pink or purple. You can also dye the longer sides of your hair in a shade darker than your normal hair colour.
Longish dip-dye: Celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga have taken the dip-dye trend to another level. If you have long hair, you can play with shades of pink, bright orange, purple and yellow. Those with black or dark brown hair can step away from the usual hair colors and opt for punk shades like magenta or gold. If you like subtle colors, pastels or light brown are your best bet.

Dip-Dye - Hottest hairstyle of 2013
Sideward dip-dye: If you wish to color your hair sideward, make sure that your hair is long enough. Choose the right color to make the style look good.

See the celebrities who have nailed dip-dye hairstyles, print out and take to your hairdresser now! Just how will you color yours?

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