Different ways of styling a white shirt

Hey Metroholicas!

What comes to your mind whenever you see a white color shirt? How do you think of styling it? Always with a blue color denim, right?

Pairing up a white shirt with a blue color denim is a classic combination which will never go out of style and Metroholica is sure that you all must have adorned this style.

Repeating the same style couple of times becomes mundane and then, that white shirt gets buried in your closet waiting for its turn for years and you take it out only when there’s a dress code of blue denim and white shirt.

But things will never remain the same if you will stay connected with Metroholica. Do you know that you can style your white shirt in plenty of other ways than just blue denims?

● Getting confused about what to wear on an interview or a formal business meeting? Take out your white shirt and team it up with a tailor-made pencil skirt or a pantsuit. Tie your hair in a tight ponytail or a french bun and you are good to go. Remember, there are points for your dressing style in an interview and this look will definitely make you grab those extra brownie points for cracking the interview.



knotted shirt l

● Wear your white color shirt, button the first 3 or 4 buttons and leave the rest of the buttons unbuttoned, then tie a knot from your shirt, your knotted shirt look id ready. You can wear hot pants, Bermuda shorts, short or long skirts, cullotes and palazzo with a white knotted shirt for a casual day out with your friends and beloved. Adding white sneakers with this look will not only complete your #ootd but it will also keep you comfortable throughout the day.



White shirt with your oversized belt at the waist


● Don’t have any dress to wear and the dress code is color white? Don’t you worry my girl, go and search your boyfriend’s or brother’s wardrobes, you will definitely find a white shirt. Now wear their shirt with your oversized belt at the waist and your boyfriend shirt dress look is ready. You can also wear short length cycling shorts beneath your shirt to avoid getting obscene looks.



● It’s Friday night and you know your friends may make a night out plan bat the club but you had a meeting on the same day, so you wore a white shirt for the same. Do not hustle, don’t think about canceling a night out plans, just keep a sequined skirt in your bag ( a small piece of cloth will not weight much and it won’t take much space too). A combination of white shirt with sequined skirt is enough to dazzle up your night out. Always wear heels with this look.
white shirt with sequined skirt

● If you are the girl who is not an ardent lover of traditional clothes but your mother forces you to wear them at family functions and weddings, you always search for the dresses with Indo-western look, then wearing a white color shirt with bright or multi-colored lehenga skirt can be your solution without giving yourself a headache. Just add a brooch and wear heavy necklace along with your dress. The key is to wear your necklace on the collar of shirt in place of wearing it on your neck as wearing a necklace over your white shirt will add the much-needed colors and sparkles to your look. This look will give you a complete feminine and traditional look without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Wearing a white shirt needs a lot of care too as even a tiny spot will diminish the beauty of your shirt. Follow these simple tips to keep your white shirt more whiter, brighter and crisp.

1) The 1st and most important tip is to always wash your white separately to avoid getting them color stained from other clothes.

2) Don’t wait for the next turn of washing clothes if your white shirt gets stained, wash it as soon as you can, use a special stain remover and remove the stain first before washing the complete shirt.

3) You can keep your whites always shinier by using simple products easily available at your kitchen like:-
● Lemons: squeeze few drops or half a lemon (depends on the quantity of clothes) in your washing bucket or washing machine, it will do the rest of work itself.
● Add baking soda with water, it’s ratio should be 4:1, 4 mugs of water with 1 cup of baking powder. Let them soak for at least half an hour, your whites will become sparkling as ever.
● If your white color clothes gets stained with sweat and gets yellow, then add a cup of white vinegar along with washing powder, those yellow stains will go forever.

You can easily follow these tips and tricks and wear your white color clothes without getting worried about stains and anything else.

So, Metroholicas, try all these looks and add versatility in your style and do let us know which look was more appealing for you and  also tell us what is your own way of styling a white shirt? Don’t forget to…..Be Fashionable….!!!

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