Dating tips to keep you safe on a date

Keeping yourself safe when you are out on a date is really important, especially when you don’t know the person you are dating really well yet. Here are 10 ways to keep yourself safe on a date.

Never Leave Your Drink Unattended While On A Date
If you have a drink and you need to go to the bathroom, get a fresh drink when you come back to the dinner table. While you are at the table, always keep your drink on the opposite side of w here your date is sitting. If you want a drink, never let someone other than the bartender or waitress bring it to you. Letting someone bring you a drink may stroke your ego and make you feel special, but, it provides people with a prime opportunity to slip something into your drink. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. It doesn’t matter if you feel a connection with the person you are dating or not. What matters is keeping yourself safe. It isn’t a matter of trust. It is a matter of being smart and being careful.

Don’t Carry All Of Your Very Valuable Items On A Date
Don’t carry every credit card you own, all of your jewelry and all of your money out on a date. In addition to the fact that you could be robbed, if you drink you stand the chance of being in an inebriated state. If you are in an inebriated state and you have a lot of valuables, you stand a chance of losing everything you own. It’s not worth it. Take enough money to ensure that you can get home if something happens and leave the rest at home.

Provide Your Own Transportation To And From Your Date
If you are going on a date, you should agree to meet up with your date instead of letting them pick you up. By meeting up with your date, you maintain control of when you can leave. Let’s face it, you don’t know the person you are dating really well yet. What if they drink or do drugs while on your date and they are driving? If they go to the bathroom to do it, you may never know that they are high or inebriated. You place yourself at extreme risk when you date someone knew and you don’t drive yourself. If you don’t have a car, make sure that you take pepper spray along with you. You may be able to save yourself.

Always Tell At Least 3 People Where You Are Going And What Time You Expect To Be Back
You may think that once you are grown you don’t have to report in any more. Let me tell you something. Reporting in can save your life. I’m not saying to go call your mother or your father, but, you should make sure that at least three of your friends know where you are going to be going on your date. You should tell at least three friends to make sure that there are multiple people looking out for you and multiple people that are aware that you are out on a date. The information you give to your contact should include the name of the person you are going out with, a number for that person, the places you are going, a contact number for you and when you can be expected home. It would be very sad if something happened to you and no one even suspected that something was wrong for days. You have to put your pride aside and think about your safety.

If You Go On A Date With A Group, Make Sure You Leave With The Group
When you are out on a date, never leave your group and go with someone you meet. This is something that a lot of people ignore when they are out. They go out with friends and meet someone they like. They start talking and, before you know it, they decide to leave with the person they just met. This is, to say the least, stupid. If you are a man or a woman – it is just stupid. Do you know how many people have died doing this? If you go with a group, don’t leave your group. There is nothing that you are going to talk about after you leave that can’t wait. Many people leave places like clubs with people they don’t even know. They don’t know their first name, middle name, last name, where they live, what they like or anything else. Think about it. If someone you didn’t know walked up to your car and asked you for a ride, would you give them a ride? Of course not! So why would you leave with someone that you don’t know just because you exchanged a few words? It makes absolutely no sense.

If You Are Meeting Up Somewhere, Make Sure You Date In A Public Place
When you are meeting someone for a date, a public place can provide a safe venue for you to have a date. An open restaurant can offer you a very safe place for a date. When looking for a place, you want to select a place where there are people around, a place where people can see you and a place where you can have fun and relax.

Take Pepper Spray With You On Your Date
There are a lot of nice discreet bottles of pepper spray that you can easily take with you on a date. This may seem a little extreme, but, there is nothing like having it if you should ever need it. Besides being able to possibly stop a crazy person. So you can possibly protect yourself from crazy people .

Make Sure You Plan For The Unexpected While On Your Date
When you are on a date, there will be times when things happen. Make sure that you plan for the unexpected. For instance, Always carry enough money to cover yourself in the event of an emergency. You never know what may happen and both men and women need to be prepared.

If You Can, Schedule Your Date During The Day
If you can, schedule your date for an afternoon or during the day. Although dates at night can be romantic, your first few dates should be about getting to know the person you are dating and staying safe. Keep yourself safe. When you meet during the day, you can really take your time and get to know your date without the pressure of feeling like you have to think about where the date is going to end at night.

Make Sure You Have A Cell Phone With You And Make Sure Your Phone Is Charged
Nothing is worse than having an emergency and not having a cell phone or any phone to use to call for help. Having a cell phone in today’s society is a necessity. It is not an extravagance. Get the cheapest plan you can find or a pay as you go plan if you don’t have a lot of money, but, make sure you get yourself a phone. If you break down in your vehicle, get put out of someones car, need to be rescued, need to be helped or need to call anyone in an emergency situation, a cell phone can save your life. Make sure you have a phone when you go on a date.

Trust Your Instincts Or Trust the Instincts Of People You Know And Trust
If something doesn’t seem right with a person who may be trying to pick you up, make sure that you trust your instincts. What happens if you don’t have good instincts? If you can’t trust yourself, then trust the instincts of someone you trust. If all of your friends tell you that something is wrong with someone you met then take a break and see if what your friends are saying have merit. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t date someone because your friends don’t have a good feeling about the person, but, sometimes other people can see things that you may not see.

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