Dare To Bare

Miss-Chase-Oversized-Grey-Crop Editors crop the manuscripts, government crop the income, students crop answers ,teachers crop marks and designers crop the fashion but we love it.

This time they have cropped  the tops in such a way that its not only ruling the ramps but streets too and have named it “Cropped Tops”. Crop tops are so much in and they make you look sassy. But they are nothing new to the fashion industry. They were first wore in 1980’s when Madonna created sensation in media, a lot of people opposed this trend but in 1990’s the popular band of spice girls dared to wear them again but at that time it only ruled the ramps and stages not the streets. Time has changed now from then and today everything  which rule the ramp is readily accepted by the street fashion.

But trending a crop top doesn’t means that you can wear it with anything and everything. As a cake looks incomplete without cream and cherries, a fashion looks dull if you don’t wear it appropriately.

A crop top should only show your midriff area,not a little more,not a little less. High waisted denims, jeggings and palazzos are best to team up with crop tops if you don’t want to show your legs.

If you are a fashionista who dares to wear anything she likes then pairing a crop top with high waisted shorts ,long skirts ,a-line skirts and pencil skirts will make the look more feminine and classy.

But there are some fashionistas who don’t like sticking to basics and like wearing a trend by going over the top, thebyou have a option of layering your crop top  with a summer jacket ,shrug or sheer shirt. Another way of wearing a crop top is by wearing a long sheer/transparent top or shirt underneath a crop top.

Whatever you wear with crop top just make sure that it must be high waisted ,nothing low waist will look good ,it will only lower the sassy look of the top.

Just wear one or two pieces of funky statement jewellery with crop top because wearing too much accessories will loosen the focus from top.

One more important thing to keep in mind is to only wear heels with crop top. Metroholicas, you are now ready to follow this trendy and stylish look of crop top. Go on, be confident ,dare to bare and Be Fashionable….!!!

Image source : Jabong

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