Confessions of a Shopping Freak

Hey Metroholicas!

Every time I watch the movie “Confessions of a shopaholic“, I relate to the movie and I guess every fashion freak, shopping lover must have related to it as we all love to shop and try every style of fashion that is in the display, the clothes on the mannequin and hangers talk to us, hypnotize us that we end up buying the stuff and regret it later.
P.s. Metroholica got it’s name from the same movie.
No matter how many times we plan not to over indulge in fashion, the plan do gets fail and we run short of money at every month’s end, this is the story of every fashionista but we all can rewrite our life’s story by ourselves and team metroholica will help you in becoming a smart budget shopper.
Pocket Friendly– The fashion statement changes every day, a lot of styles and varieties come and go in the market, so the first thing you have to do is buy the things you love, don’t buy everything that is in vogue because you won’t wear it afterwards, buy the trend you are sure that you will wear, try and take time before heading towards the cash counter.
Calculative Buyer:- We all want to buy stuff that looks eye pleasing but that one seems out of budget but stop and think again, there are some things we buy seeing the minimal amount but wear it just few number of times and there are few things which we wear again and again, so think and consider if you are going to wear it again and again then the product which is higher at price will become affordable.
Comfort is Priority- We buy a lot of things because they look nice to us but after coming back home we find that it is not that comfortable and that thing just takes place in our wardrobes and makes us realize we did wrong but we repeat the mistake. For eg:- We buy a certain piece of footwear as looks appealing but later on it doesn’t seem to bring comfort to us, so make sure to try it and walk a few steps in the store before buying, your comfort should be your first priority, remember not every store gives you exchange offers.
Card with Benefits- Going cashless is the best thing nowadays, not only because it makes your wallet lighter but paying through your card or any other online payment system like “RuPay”, “Paytm” and “GooglePay” etc. offers additional discounts and offers.
Buy for Sure:- Fashion gives you plenty of styles everyday but that doesn’t means you have to buy them all but do buy the things that become the must haves for particular season.
Perfect Fit:- We all have become fitness enthusiasts in today’s lives and we all make fitness goals but still you should only buy the fashion that fits you now, rather than buying the things to meet your goals, live in the present, let future decide its fate itself.
Stay Online– Follow big brands on Social Media Sites, most of the brands keep having contests, discounts and giveaways, we are sure you don’t want to miss such opportunities.
These were the few tips we had for you, Metroholica wish that you won’t indulge or regret your shopping choices in future….Keep shopping…. Be Fashionable….!!!

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