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holi fashion tips

Watch out,there’s a water balloon coming your way,these days the streets are filled with water balloons & water guns, yes because it is the season of Holi!
Holi is known as the festival of colours and love,they say that everyone forget their foes and woes and celebrate this festival together, this festival brings the fun side of you, the kid inside your heart but that doesn’t means that you go and play holi outside like a kid I.e without getting properly dressed up.
If you are a true fashionista,you have to stay tidy and trendy even in bed.
You must be thinking that how can one look tidy on holi because no one will be able to even recognise you but you at least be trendy, stand out so that anyone can find you by your  dress.
Holi is played with a lot of water and from here summers also get started.
Cotton is the mos loved and popular fabric in summers and that’s why I suggest you to start wearing it from holi, not only this but there are plenty of other reasons too.
Cotton helps you absorb water and will make your clothes dry quickly which in turn will save you from shivering as the weather is disturbing too much because of western disturbances.
Cotton comes in different forms and norms from suit to skirt to saree but playing colours in saree isn’t an easy task so opt for other traditional and western outfits according to your taste and desire.
It won’t matter what colour of dress you are wearing because once you jump in playing with colours all your dresses will show hues of red,green, yellow and saffron and that’s why I suggest you to wear white, it will not only show holi colours beautifully but will also give you bollywood feeling.
Another and biggest benefit of wearing cotton clothes in holi is that you won’t have to cry for your dresses for spoiling from colours because it is easily washable and after that you can get them dyed and flaunt it wherever you want.
Being a fashionista you are not only supposed to dress up nicely but your skin and hair are also very precious so before going out to play holi, use moisturiser on your skin which will be exposed and oil your hair too. In fact follow these tips as soon as you get up because you never know about your family and friends who must have been waiting to colour you head to to2.
Before wrapping up let me tell you one thing that playing with harsh colours, grease and any other kind of chemical is not a fashionable and cool thing, so use natural colours and advice others to do the same and Be Fashionable…!!!

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