choosing the right shoes and purse for a job interview

choosing the right shoes and purse for a job interviewWith everything there is to worry about with a job interview, having to worry about accessorizing can drive you to near madness. Do these shoes go with this outfit? Are they making the wrong statement? What if my purse doesn’t match? Does it even matter? Thankfully, the basics of interview dressing still apply – Tasteful, understated and trying to give a composed impression. And yes, your choices can matter.


While the four inch heels you went out dancing in last night may cost more than your television set and they make your legs look fantastic, they aren’t what you’re looking for when you need shoes for an interview. You want to go with a simple dress shoe that matches the rest of your interview outfit. For example, this could be a boot (with pants) or a low heel (with a skirt). The idea is that you are the one who is supposed to shine, not your footwear. Also, keep in mind that you may have to deal with staircases, walking through areas and other situations where your footwear might make a difference. Wincing at the wrong moment due to a pinching pointy toe may give a hiring manager the impression that you are not interested in the job. An interview is also not the time to break in a new pair of shoes, although shoes should still look neat and clean.


To purse or not to purse, is that the question? It is often hard to figure out what to do with a purse during an interview. If you are bringing along a briefcase or portfolio for an interview, you can often use it stash the things you’ll need like your wallet, identification and a small make-up bag for touch ups. If you do bring a purse, you would want to follow the rules again and go with something tasteful and understated. It should match the color of your shoes. Try to keep away from purses that are very large are bulky. You don’t want to be fumbling with a purse that is half your size when you go to shake someone’s hand. Also, you should make an effort to clean our your purse or briefcase before the interview. If you need to find something in it during the interview, it can be distracting and also give a negative impression if you need to look for an extended time or pull things out to find what you need. Take time the night before your interview to consider what you need to bring, and what you do not need to bring, to the interview.

Why it matters

While your purse and shoes may be small details that should never make or break an interview for most women, they do deserve some attention. In an interview where you are up against other people for a position, small details like how you handle yourself can make the difference between getting the position or a “thanks but no thanks” from the employer. Knowing these little details are under control, you can go into a job interview more confident and able to focus on giving the best impression to the potential employer.